Wednesday, March 25, 2015

English: Wooden crosses near the entrance to t...
English: Wooden crosses near the entrance to the holy sepulchre church (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Easter approaches I wanted to offer some reading as you go through Lent and prepare for Easter. My most recent columns for Lent and Easter can be found at The Word

The Palm Sunday post I link to here from the Bible Junkies blog is a reflection on how quickly our attention can turn from intense interest and focus on Jesus to distraction in the context of a supposed evaluation by an “athletic” scout. When things do not turn out the way we expect, are we willing to be challenged to follow Jesus in all circumstances?

The next four blog posts were posted by me at the Good Word during Holy Week 2011. They are written from the point of view of a disciple who was “there,” inside the events, reflecting on what’s taking place as things are happening. You might want to start reading these posts today or return to them closer to or on the specific days of Holy week to get a sense of how the reflections develop.

For my writings on Holy Week in the Gospel of Mark commentary,   starting with Palm Sunday, in the context of Jesus' mission and Old Testament prophecy, please see Act 5, Scene 1.  For the rest of Holy Week, please see the following entries:

Act 6, Scenes 1, 2, 3 (Anointing at Bethany).
Act 6, Scene 4   (Last Supper)
Act 6, Scene 5  (Gethsemane)
Act 6, Scene 6   (Arrest)
Act 6, Scene 7 (Trial before the Sanhedrin)
Act 6, Scene 8   (Peter’s Denial)
Act 6, Scene 9 (Trial before Pilate)  
Act 6, Scene 10 (Crucifixion)
Act 6, Scene 11 (Jesus’ Body laid in the tomb)
Act 6, Scene 12 (Resurrection)

I hope that these reflections aid you in your own spiritual journey through Easter.

John W. Martens
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