Sunday, April 1, 2012

Found in the notes of a 1st Century Messianic Draft  Scout:

Sunday before Passover: Final Evaluation:

Everybody loves a winner and as Jesus walked into Jerusalem…wait, winners don’t walk, they get a smooth ride…okay, as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on his fine donkey a few hours ago, and a donkey on which no one had ever ridden before, he looked good. He’s got Jerusalem in the palm of his hands; he powns. There is no question, he is a man you can build a Kingdom around. The crowds had followed him all through Galilee and he had won them over to his “brand,” there is really no other contender for the title Messiah. He has it all. Crowds, Disciples, Teaching, Exorcisms, Healings. You name it, he has every skill. People in Galilee, but even in Judea, and some claimed even in Samaria, are putting together “Fantasy Messiah” drafts: bottom line? Jesus is the first in every draft pool, there were no other contenders for the crown. A championship goes through Jesus.

Sure there are whispers, there always are, about “weaknesses,” about whether he could hold up to the Romans, whether political and religious maneuvering might block his ascent to the top, but that’s a discussion you need to have about every contender. The question is, when you look at the skills and the intangibles, there is no one who matches him.  The crowds see him as a winner and he just needs to cement that with a good Evaluation Camp this week in Jerusalem; if he does the things in Jerusalem that he did in Galilee, there is no question that he is Messiah. All the evaluators will be here for the Passover, so, I would say, by this time next week, you will see a King crowned and a Kingdom come. I see no one stopping him, and the crowds are all behind him. Listen…Listen to them, do you hear them?

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!
Blessed is the kingdom of our father David that is to come!
Hosanna in the highest!"

This is “Palm Sunday,” baby, you know why? He’s got the crowd in the palm of his hands. He owns this town. I tell you, everyone loves a winner. When you come back here next Sunday, you will see a new world. I don’t see anything changing in how he’s evaluated.  

John W. Martens

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  2. Oh yea, he's "the man" today, that's for sure! But those crowds back then sure were fickle, weren't they? Within just a few days they'll have turned on him. Sheez, sure glad we're not like that today! ;)

  3. Yeah, DWski, we're not like that at all today! We're so steadfast!