Monday, December 2, 2013

Cardinal Dolan. Wikimedia
Timothy Cardinal Dolan was on NBC's Meet The Press yesterday, but it got headlines even before it aired, particularly with regard to his comment that the Church was 'outmarketed' in the same-sex marriage debate.

The interview, with David Gregory, is pretty wide-ranging, but the biggest topics were marriage and his thoughts on Pope Francis.  With regard to the Pope, and his comments that the church should not be simply focused on issues of sex and abortion, Dolan agrees and  does not think that the Church is obsessed with these issues:
No, not at all.  I gave [the Pope] a standing ovation when he said that. Because most of the time, I say, I don't know that its so much that the church that's obsessed with that, its the world that's obsessed with those things. They're always asking us about it.
 he was asked what kind of change the Pope is making:
I would say a change of tone, a change of strategy.  Right, a pope by his nature cannot make doctrinal changes. In fact his sacred responsibility is to protect the integrity of the faith and pass it on. He can make a lot of changes in the way, the style, the manner in which it's presented.
He then compares him to John XXIII.   

Dolan's comment that the Pope's change is mostly one of tone and strategy echoes the opinion of our faculty panel discussion at UST, and I think I agree.  However, there seems to be a lot of spin on the comment that it is "the world" that is obsessed with "below-the-belt issues," and that it continually goes to the Church and "is always asking us about it." 

He also comments on healthcare and immigration, expressing the Church's desire for both, but also its concerns.

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