Thursday, February 9, 2012

It was a delight to talk to Dr. Larry Hurtado regarding his life and research as a biblical scholar on this, the second Bible Junkies podcast. I was especially happy to be able to talk to him about his research on the emergence of devotion to Christ in early Christianity and on his focus on worship as a signifcant datum in the study of early Christianity. We also discussed his scholarly beginnings as a textual critic and the practice of biblical scholarship, including that it be "collegial and adversarial." Toward the end of the conversation we lost our internet connection between St. Paul and Edinburgh, and when we regained it we had a little static on the line, but the impact is minimal and affects only the final minute of conversation. Please enjoy the Podcast by clicking on the link here or above.

To learn even more about Professor Hurtado, check out his blog, his wikipedia page, and Amazon for his books, which I recommend highly.

John W. Martens

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