Friday, July 5, 2013

Courtyard of New College, Edinburgh
The first day of the conference at the school of divinity at the University of Edinburgh brought us six papers. Tomorrow will have twice as many!  I will be providing summaries and thoughts on as many papers as I can here over the next couple days.  Hopefully I will get them out before SBL International begins.

The setting of the conference is absolutely wonderful.  New College is in a beautiful building and the location could not be better.  It is nice to be at a conference which is small enough that it does not have to be in a convention center.  

The first day's schedule included three hour-long papers and three papers of thirty minutes each.

  • Larry Hurtado (Edinburgh).  Peter in Protestant new Testament Scholarship (60 min)
  • Margaret Williams (Edinburgh). The Nomenclature of Peter- A Brief Enquiry (60 min)
  • Seth Ehorn (Edinburgh). Peter, Paul, and ‘the incident’: The Role of Peter in Recent Reconstructions
  • Seth Ehorn (Edinburgh). Peter, Paul, and ‘the Incident’: The Role of Peter in Recent Reconstructions of Galatians 2.11-21
  • Emanuel Contac (Theological Pentecostal Institute, Bucharest) The Clash between Peter and paul at Antioch (Gal 2.11-14). Early Patristic Commentators between a Rock and a Hard Place
  • Gene Green (Wheaton). The Testimony of Peter
  • Peter Lampe (Heidelberg). Traces of Peter in Roman Archaeology

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