Sunday, March 24, 2013

As we have reached Palm Sunday, I wanted to provide links to previous writings at The Good Word blog and at the Bible Junkies blog. Please also go The Word to find the most recent columns for Palm Sunday and Easter.

The Palm Sunday post is a reflection on how quickly our attention can turn from intense interest and focus on Jesus to distraction in the context of a supposed evaluation by an athletic scout. When things do not turn out the way we expect, are we willing to be challenged to follow Jesus in all circumstances?

For a more traditional take on Palm Sunday, in the context of Jesus' mission and Old Testament prophecy, please see Act 5, Scene 1 in the Gospel of Mark Commentary.

The next four blog posts were posted at the Good Word during Holy Week 2011. They are written from the point of view of a disciple who was “there,” reflecting on the events as they are happening.

I pray that these reflections might aid you in your own spiritual journey from Palm Sunday through Easter.

John W. Martens

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