Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It is difficult to locate all the Bible blogs out there, even though the site The Biblioblog Top 50 does its best to track us all, they seem to miss as many as they catch. Here are three blogs that do not appear on the list: one has been around for at least a couple of years and does superb work in bringing attention to the goings on in academic circles; one is by an amateur and newly started (it seems to me); and the other is from Down Under and has only recently come to my attention, but the material on early Christianity is first rate. There are so many Bible blogs, it is hard to decide which to follow, but do check these three out. You never know which will be your go-to blogs and which fit right in your comfort or interest zone.

1) I have mentioned Larry Hurtado's blog before, and it is worth following for numerous reasons, but today he has posted a tribute to the late Carlo Maria Martini, a Cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church and formerly Archbishop of Milan. Hurtado focuses on Cardinal Martini as a biblical scholar, not as a churchman nor his final interview in which he spoke of the Church as 200 years behind the time. Please listen to the podcast with Larry Hurtado if you have not yet done so.

2) Gospel Themes is a blog started by Tom Schuessler, who describes himself as an "amateur Bible student," which he may be, but his tribute to Fr. David M. Stanley, S.J. on his page, a late, great Canadian NT scholar suggests he knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Tom has often commented on this site; I think it would be worthwhile to poke around his site for a while!

3) Check out also Andrew McGowan's blog Andrew's Version where the Warden and President of Trinity College at the University of Melbourne, and Canon of St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne, shares his thoughts on the Anglican Church in Australia and writes on early Christianity.

John W. Martens

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