Friday, February 15, 2013

I started Biblejunkies a little over a year ago to place biblical studies and discussion about the theological, philosophical and hermeneutical issues that surround the study of the Bible on the web, available to all interested readers. I am more than happy with the project, have loved it, do love it, and will continue with it!

I wanted to let people know, though, that my blogging will also be available at America Magazine. I am now writing The Word column for the magazine and blogging at their Scripture blog The Good Word again. You will certainly see cross-posts between The Good Word and Biblejunkies, but some material will be available only on one site or the other. My columns for The Word will only be available at America Magazine, under the tab "Faith."

I hope you join me at all three locations. I asked today at The Good Word three questions which were put to me my the Italian blogger and priest, Antonio Spadaro, and I would ask you to consider them here as well:

1. What is a (biblical or theological) vocation for the internet?
2. How does the internet (or how should the internet) change the way in which the Bible is communicated?
3. Does the internet need a specific form of writing on the Bible?

Please feel free to answer below.

John W. Martens

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