Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I have occasionally written on "Evidence for Jesus," in which I examine the historical criteria for Jesus' life, his words and deeds, and the Gospel accounts of these words and deeds. It is an ongoing series, though it is a meandering series, with a new addition added when, let's say, the Spirit strikes. Since they are truly occasional and not systematic, I thought I should gather all of the old series into one spot, where I can also add new additions as they pop up. You might find a lot with which to disagree, or agree, but I hope you enjoy the series.

The Series Thus Far:

Evidence for Jesus (Part 1): No Good Evidence Outside the Bible?
Evidence for Jesus (Part 2): How do we judge historical evidence?
The Evidence for Jesus (Part 3): Development in Understanding
The Evidence for Jesus (4): How Can One Consider "Miracles" Historical?
The Evidence for Jesus (5): Success and Martyrdom are not Evidence

John W. Martens

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